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Federation of Felinology Bulgaria (FFBg) with the partnership of Royal Canin, warmly invites you to
3 & 4 FIFe International Cat show organized in Sofia, Inter Expo Center,  12th and 13th of November 2022


Invited Judges:

Mrs. Anne Veland 
Mrs. Thea Friškovec-Keller 
Mr. Karl Preiss 
Mr. George Dorgiakis /cat I, II/

student judges: 
Mr. Adrian Alexandru Dragota /cat I, II/
Mr. Vassilios Dimakos /cat III, IV/

Show Program:

8:00-9.45 Veterinary control
10 Show opening
10:00-14:00 Judging
15:00-17:00 Best in Show
17:00 Show closing


until 15th of October 2022: 30 euro per one day, 50 euro per 2 days for one cat, from the 3rd cat 25 eur per one day, 40 euro per 2 days, litter class : 50 euro per one day, 90 euro per two days
from 16th of October 2022 until 1st of November 2022 35 euro per day, 60 euro per 2 days for one cat, from the 3rd 30 euro per one day, 50 euro per 2 days for one cat, litter class : 60 euro per one day, 100 euro per two days

fees are paid in advance to the account:
First Investment Bank
Federation of Felinology Bulgaria
IBAN: BG31FINV91501217616318

For registration follow that link and download the entry form:

Filled form and the payment order send to email:

Veterinary conditions: All cats must be in good health, free of parasites and vaccinated against rabies, feline panleucopenia, feline calicivirus and feline herpes virus. White cats must have a veterinary certificate that they are not deaf.

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